Friday, February 6, 2009

Maya Angelou X2

mission Maya Angelou is a success! In our wax museum will be ENTERTAINMENT: Stevie Wonder, Cicely Tyson, and more! SPORTS: Mahamahad Ali, Jakie Robinson, Sarina Williams, Tiger Woods, and more! POETS/WRITERS: Maya Angelou, and 2 more! CIVIL RIGHTS: Rosa Parks, Sojerner Truth, Franklin Douglass, and more!
NOT CATEGORIZED: Barrack Obama, Thurgood Marshall, and more!


  1. I'm sorry I will miss it. I'm sure Dad will be so proud when he is there, and he'll take pictures.

  2. I think everyone would like to know more about the presentation.

  3. I am SO, EXTREMELY mad at myself for missing it!


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